Proofreading2Writers have always needed editors and proofreaders to polish their projects into the masterpieces that get published, advance academic ambition, secure business deals or win awards. Writing down what you really want to say can be a difficult endeavor, even for an expert. Whatever it is you are composing, be it a novel, a business proposal, or an important letter, it pays to call in the professionals. Professional proofreading makes your ideas and words work better, sound better, and achieve better results.

Since our inception, Wordsmith Proofreading has acquired a number of corporate accounts. We have established ourselves as a resource for reliable, effective, high-quality service.  While still a relatively small operation, we help companies and individuals to communicate effectively and improve their writing.

We know how good writing can help your business because we understand the writing business!


3 thoughts on “Hello

  1. Kim did a fantastic job editing my manuscript for me. I appreciated how she stayed focused and just fixed the mistakes which was all I wanted. I will be calling on her again in the future. She’s affordable and does a great job. Thanks Kim!

  2. I am very grateful for the level of service that Kim Huther provided. She kept me informed throughout the process and even contacted me if something needed clarification. Kim was excellent!

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